AMC Bridging Course

Assessment Pathways for International Medical Graduates

Passing both parts of the AMC exams is an unavoidable hurdle for all IMGs wanting to obtain General Registration through Standard Pathway. Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams are well known for the level of difficulty and the failure rate is often high. AMC style of Clinical and MCQ exams has its uniqueness and can be quite different to other licensing exams in other parts of the world. If you have not sat for this type of MCQ examination of this clinical nature before, the feeling can be overwhelming.


"What do I use to study? In what depth do I study them? What type of questions tends to be more important? What is the quality of answers I am expected to provide? What is the direction I would take when I begin my studies? What is the approach I need to adopt to optimise my chance of success in these exams?" -  These are the common questions candidates should be asking right from the beginning.


At ACOCE, we believe that there is no substitute for hard work. Candidates must be prepared to study hard for at least 6-9 months ahead of either MCQ or Clinical exam. However, hard work and dedication are not all there is to it. Developed by our Medical Director, ACOCE recommends our unique approach to preparing and studying for AMC exams for all candidates taking our preparation courses. This approach is based on Project Management methodology, making use of roadmap and milestones to achieve the required level of knowledge to enable you to pass the Clinical Exam. Through this approach, we will tailor your individual training needs based on your strength/weakness in the context of passing AMC exams. We will identify the volume of work required to adequately prepare you for success with the AMC Exam.


Our AMC Exam preparation program is only delivered by highly qualified registered senior clinicians in Australia. All of our teaching clinicians have or had held director positions in Australia and currently working in Australian public hospitals. All of them currently hold an academic title in at least one Australian medical school. Most of all, our teaching clinicians have successfully been through AMC exams, obtained General Registration and went onto hold director roles in Australian public hospitals. They know how you feel, the difficulties you face, they have been in your position, and they triumphed through the challenges. These are rare and highly valuable combinations of excellence and they will deliver our AMC program and teach or coach you along the way.

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