Australian Centre of Clinician Excellence is an Australian organisation dedicated to excellence in teaching and coaching IMG doctors to pass the Australian Medical Council MCQ or Clinical exams and PESCI assessments through unique models developed by our Medical Director. We also offer Specialist Pathway and Standard Pathway Career Coaching backed by our Medical Director.

Developed by our Medical Director, ACOCE recommends our unique approach to preparing and studying for AMC exams for all candidates taking our preparation courses. This approach is based on Project Management methodology making use of strategic road mapping and milestones to achieve the required level of knowledge to pass the AMC Exam and PESCI assessment.

Through this approach, we will tailor your individual training needs based on your strengths and weaknesses in the context of passing not forms of assessment. We will identify the volume of work required to adequately prepare you for success with the AMC Exam and PESCI assessment.

ACOCE will create a roadmap individualised for you with milestones to achieve within the set timeline. We will teach and coach you along the way to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Our AMC Clinical Exam preparation program is only delivered by highly qualified registered senior clinicians in Australia. All of our teaching clinicians have or had held director positions in Australia and currently working in Australian public hospitals. All of them currently hold an academic title in at least one Australian medical school. Most of all, our teaching clinicians have successfully been through AMC exams themselves, obtained General Registration and went on to hold director roles in Australian public hospitals. They know how you feel and the difficulties you face as they have been in your position before and triumphed through these challenges. These are rare and highly valuable combinations of excellence that we deliver in our AMC program and teach/coach you along the way.

Our Medical Director who developed our AMC program model possesses all the qualities mentioned above. He has held several director titles in Australian public hospitals with significant experience managing large medical services. He is an experienced Director who has managed recruitment, supervision and AHPRA registration of IMG doctors. He has also successfully taught and coached IMG doctors through their AMC Clinical exams. He has a wealth of knowledge of Australian healthcare system and medical jobs market in Australia. He understands the challenges you face as IMG in both getting through AMC exams, obtaining relevant AHPRA registration, entry into Australian jobs market and ultimately General Registration. Through our various programs at ACOCE our Medical Director will be available as a guide and a coach through your journey with us.

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