ACOCE provides International Medical Graduates (IMG) a professional pathway to Australia with a unique model approach in preparing candidates for their AMC Exams, PESCI as well as Specialist Pathway and Standard Pathway Career Coaching.





Gaining entry into medical job markets in advanced countries across the world can be a prolonged process requiring commitment and specialized knowledge and Australia is no different. Obtaining a job offer is only the beginning of this journey as there are a number of hurdles to overcome before an IMG doctor is able to work in Australia. The Australian Medical Council MCQ or Clinical exams, PESCI assessments, AHPRA registration and assessments and Medicare Provider Number are examples of the key requirements IMG doctors will encounter along this journey. These challenges are often complex and difficult and there are only so much official published materials for medical candidates seeking entry into Australia. Having read them, candidates will likely have more questions than answers.
At ACOCE, we offer unique models of solutions to teach or coach IMG candidates who are planning to sit the AMC MCQ or AMC Clinical Exams and PESCI. Through our Specialist Pathway and Standard Pathway Career Coaching service, leveraging the expertise of our Medical Director we will coach you on essential and key elements of the challenges mentioned above. This will empower you to understand the challenges to key areas such as applying for/obtaining medical registration, applying for/securing supervised practice, PESCI requirements, recency of practice requirements etc. We believe it is important to understand these key issues well which will enable you to plan for your Australian journey better.


At ACOCE we pride ourselves in providing the most appropriate advice based on each individual IMG’s personal and professional situations. Our vision is not driven by sales rather, our vision is driven by the quality of advice we provide. We want to offer our IMG clients the best chances at success. Our organization is staffed by highly qualified registered senior clinicians in Australia. All of our teaching clinicians have or had held director positions in Australia and currently working in Australian public hospitals. They also currently hold an academic title in at least one Australian medical school. Our Medical Director has held several director titles in Australian public hospitals with significant experience in managing large medical corporations. His experience includes managing recruitment, supervision and AHPRA registration of IMG doctors. He has also successfully taught and coached IMG doctors through their AMC Clinical exams.


Excellence, integrity and dedication is the backbone of our organisation and the services we provide.

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